Innovation Fund Grant

The Innovation Fund continued to provide its support to Serbian entrepreneurs and people who put great ideas into action through programs such as Mini Grants (Early Development Program) and Matching Grants (Innovation Co-financing Program).

And INGSOFTWARE got financed!

Innovation Fund Grant image

While Mini Grants were available only for startups, the Matching Grants Program was created to promote cooperation between innovative enterprises and strategic partners. Applicants had to develop a proposal for technological innovation with a clear market goal and the potential to create new intellectual property, as well as a competitive position at the regional or global level.

In a competitive pool with more than 100 companies, where only 5 got the Matching grants, our idea was recognized by the independent international Investment Committee of the Innovation Fund as the one worth developing and investing in.

[Project Name]: FamilyPay
[Description]: Online service for child support management between divorced parents

We recognized the problems of separated parents and their efforts to raise their children properly, give them all of the support they need and maintain a good relationship. FamilyPay will assist them in managing all of the details related to shared parenting. We believe the product will be a true innovation and a great help both for the parents and their kids.

Our remarkable team worked their fingers to the bone to fully elaborate the idea, prepare the project plan properly, present the meticulously gathered facts and calculated figures, market and product potential, complete the documentation and finally perform the main pitch in front of the respectful Committee. It was an exciting and challenging experience for our team. Brilliant job people!

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Now the real work begins! We are confident that we will soon present you with INGSOFTWARE’s first official Spin Off - FamilyPay.