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What are your work hours, which time zone are you in?

Serbia is located in UTC+1 (Central European Time) time zone which gives us little to no difference in time with the vast majority of European capitals. On top of that, our teams often adjust their working hours to best suit the client’s project goals.

Who I will be talking to when we start working?

Depending on the type of engagement you can choose to communicate closely with our management team, or speak directly with a project manager/team leader assigned to deliver your project. The communication can be conducted via email, voice/video conferencing, messengers and mobile/landlines. If required, personal visits can be arranged too.

I do not know how to define requirements, can you help me?

Sure. Submit your initial information to us in any form via email and our official will contact you to clarify the details. Together with our experts you will be able to create a clear and trackable plan on how to transform your idea into reality.

Do I have to know anything about software development?

Not at all. You can contact us even when you have just an idea of what you’d like to work for you. Use our free contact form to describe your idea in your own words. Our analysts will apply their expertise and skills to make a simulation and present a clear and visionary solution plan for your approval.



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