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Meet Our New Office Space

Ingsoftware New Office Space
We’ve worked hard to make our new office space a sanctuary for all of our team members. Read about what we’ve built...

Meet Our New Office Space

Like with so many companies, Ingsoftware’s first office space was - a garage! In 2009, we were a small team and didn’t need much - chairs, desks, and internet access were all it took for us to take on first clients and start turning our vision into reality.

Over the years, as we grew, we moved around whenever we needed to - from one space to another, from small apartments to bigger ones, to a house, and eventually to two locations. We were able to get things done, but none of those spaces were our own. Nothing we could call home!

After years of searching for such a place, we found it and started renovating it just as the COVID-19 was starting to spread. With some additional challenges and delays along the way - our new office space is finally available to our dear Ingsters!

What We Wanted to Create...

A new space was a blank canvas for us, and we wanted to turn it into something special.

From the start, we knew we didn’t want to have an open space. These look great on corporate websites but are a disaster for productivity.

We wanted to create a space that motivates people and stimulates them to do their best. And we wanted them to be able to relax and have fun, talk and laugh loudly, without disturbing anyone.

A place that would become a sanctuary for our whole team!

To achieve this, we knew we couldn’t do it alone, so we partnered with Polyarch Studio, gave them a list of demands and we are proud to present the results!

... And What We Got

ingsoftware new office - main 1 ingsoftware new office - main 2 ingsoftware new office - main 3 ingsoftware new office - main 4

Our new home is located in the heart of Niš but it is protected from all the city noise.

It is modern and spacious and provides multiple opportunities for Ingsters to work in smaller and larger teams, as well as alone. And it looks awesome!

Let’s dive into it...

A Mixture of Offices

In our new HQ, we have a plethora of offices of different sizes. From so-called phonebooths that fit one, maybe two persons, to standard offices for teams of 4-8 people, to the biggest one where 15 people can work together.

ingsoftware new office - work 1 ingsoftware new office - work 2 ingsoftware new office - work 3 ingsoftware new office - work 4

Meeting Rooms

With a big team (that keeps growing), we need several spaces to talk in groups smaller and larger. This is why we have two official conference rooms, as well as a brainstorming room where a couple of people can discuss their projects without disturbing anyone.

ingsoftware new office - meeting-room


We have a big kitchen, equipped with the latest appliances, where around 30 people can eat, drink, and talk at the same time. We understand that all employees need a steady supply of beer any time and any place, so for the future, a beer pipeline spanning across all buildings and all offices is in the works. We just need to create a workaround for some technical difficulties… In the meantime, unlimited supplies of beer in our kitchen will ensure the whole team enjoys time spent here.

ingsoftware new office - kitchen


With our offices being on the top floor, this balcony is perfect for short breaks in the open air. And it provides us with the opportunity to host small meetups with a somewhat obstructed view of Niš city center.

ingsoftware new office - balcony

Fun Room

We left the best for last, although this is the space you will see the first when you come and visit us!

The Fun Room is the biggest space in our HQ and it enables 50+ people to listen to our famous Tech Talks, to participate in company-wide all-hands meetings, to have fun playing board games (notice the hexagonal tables), or to relax playing PS4 & 5 video games.

ingsoftware new office - fun-room 1 ingsoftware new office - fun-room 2 ingsoftware new office - fun-room 3 ingsoftware new office - fun-room 4 ingsoftware new office - fun-room 5 ingsoftware new office - fun-room 6

And That is Not All

We are very proud that we are able to provide a safe environment for our team, and organize meetups and game nights… but we will not stop there. For our sanctuary, we have many great plans. Stay tuned.

Most importantly, our sanctuary is open to all Ingsters whenever they feel like working in the same room as other people, wanting a change of pace, having a face-to-face meeting with their team, or just having fun with colleagues.

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