Our Values

These values provide guidance for our work and our decision making, and are fundamental to our continued growth

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Creating is our passion

We find joy in creation, no matter if we’re building something groundbreaking from scratch, or if we’re introducing small changes to an existing solution.

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Do the right thing

How we do things and make decisions matters, especially when no one is watching. We prefer ethical over expedient, for every decision, and for every interaction. We choose honesty, integrity, and respect each and every time.

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be considerate

Treat everyone with respect and patience. Be tolerant of different ways your colleagues do things and help them when you see they are stuck. This is how we will grow as a team.

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Get it done

Wasting time is not in our DNA. We focus on our work and do not hesitate to roll up our sleeves when the situation demands it. Always helping each other to finish what we start.

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Be accountable

Everything we do, we approach as it is our own. All of us, individually, own our wins and our failures. We stand by our decisions and are not afraid to admit when we make a mistake and need to change course.

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Learn from your mistakes

To err is human! We as a company grew by trying and failing and learning from our own mistakes. We embrace feedback, it makes us better, and it is how we will continue to grow.

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Embrace change

We don’t fear change, we embrace it. Adapting to new technologies and new ways of doing things is our way to evolve and go forward.

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