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Get ready for Web Summit 2017

Ingsoftware getting ready for web summit 2017
‘’Web Summit is the conference to be at for quite some time now, and since we're too geeky to admit it, we decided to be there and see, hear, connect for ourselves.’’

To make things more fun, we decided to help one lucky startup or business owner turn their idea into reality by giving them free IT consulting: 10 hours/month for a period of three months. Interested?

Go to our contact page and fill up the form. Don’t forget to mention that you’re applying for a free IT consulting - so make sure you write WEBSUMMIT CONSULTING as message.

You can also tell us something about your idea, if you feel like it. We can’t wait to hear from you and help you make things happen, so - we wish you good luck! If you want to learn more or meet with us - keep reading...

INGSOFTWARE is a software development company (and much, much more), based in Niš, Serbia with high-skilled teams and tons of references to prove our expertise. We want to connect with innovative, geeky people from all over the world: whether you’re a cool startup, corporation, developer looking for experience exchange, project manager, investor, or a speaker: we want to meet you.

But, we know how things go at large conferences. There is not much time, and too many people to meet. So, if you want to grab a beer and discuss tech or non-tech related stuff over it, don’t hesitate: contact us.

We also have Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ accounts, so feel free to check them out and contact us there.

We also created a Facebook group for like-minded people to join, so invite yourself in for awesome conversations and connections.

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