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We measure our success in terms of the success of our clients. That is why we are committed to work hard with our business partners and collaborators.

Palfinger logo

PALFINGER is an international technology and mechanical engineering company and the world's leading provider of innovative crane and lifting solutions. With about 11,000 employees, 34 locations, and a worldwide sales and service network of around 5,000 service points, PALFINGER guarantees customers immediate and optimal proximity.

As the leader in its engineering field, the company aims to ensure its partners’ business success in the long term by providing solutions and products that remain economically and ecologically viable in the future. Its broad product and model portfolio allow PALFINGER to take digitalization and the deployment of artificial intelligence to new levels.

As a global company with strong roots in its home region, PALFINGER is convinced that thinking and acting in the interest of sustainability plays a vital role in successful business operations. That is why the company assumes social, ecological, and economic responsibility along the entire value chain.

The Opportunity

We first met with PALFINGER in 2019 to explore options for potential cooperation. From the first contact, it was clear we are compatible in terms of technology we use and development approach we nurture.

As an innovative company, they are constantly exploring options for potential partnerships and when things kicked off good during first meetings, it was only a matter of finding the right project for PALFINGER to see how well we work together. This eventually happened in early 2020.

The Solution

We started working with PALFINGER in February 2020 on two applications that are meant to digitize two very important processes in their customer relations. First, we worked on the app related to product handover to make it a smooth process that instantly uploads correct data into PALFINGER’s systems and continued this project by creating an app used by maintenance personnel to ensure that crane servicing is always done according to the highest standards.

In parallel, we worked on a challenging rewrite of an existing app for storing and browsing documentation about how PALFINGER’s different products are mounted. This app was developed years ago using Flash technology, and because Adobe was phasing Flash out by the end of 2020 our team worked on replacing the app with a modern solution.

Our cooperation with PALFINGER is ongoing, with a plan to expand the team with new developers.

Technology Used

c# .net Angular Microsoft Azure

GBI logo

Gold Bullion International is a leading institutional precious metals provider to individual investors and the wealth management industry. GBI’s technology platform allows clients to acquire and manage their precious metal assets directly through GBI or through their existing wealth management account relationships.

The Problem gbi Faced

gbi was in need of a professional and skilled team that could develop and maintain a high-quality trading platform while also being able to scale easily to meet the requirements of multiple partners worldwide.

Ingsoftware was tasked with challenges of implementation, management and organization of various integrations that needed to happen often in short time-frames.

The Solution Ingsoftware Provided

Ingsoftware helped modify the platform to be fully integrated into existing customer platforms. While supporting the integration features, we’ve also created and provided support for the GBI’s precious metal Trading Portal and Direct to Client Portal (e-commerce solution), where all orders, funding, and instructions are placed electronically by the end client.

Platform improved operations automation, enabled integration with banks and is an online e-commerce platform. It increased overall reach to the clients’ increasing sales and lowered the costs of operation.

Technology Used

c# asp .Net mvc Framework c# wcf asp .Net Web api s Quartz .net ms Azure Service Bus Bootstrap Sass t-sql Windows Server ms iis ms sql server

Team Roster

Red star icon 5 - 20 Developers
Red star icon 2 Web designers

‘’ING has been, and continues to be, a valued resource. Skilled and knowledgeable developers. High level of quality, responsiveness, and communication. Ability to scale to demands as needed. Very much recommended.’’

cto @ Gold Bullion International

Beyond Pulse logo

Beyond Pulse is the ultimate soccer coaching diagnostic tool, empowering coaches with critical health data, resulting in better training, improved player health and performance. Beyond Pulse believes every single player and coach across the game should have access to affordable wearable technology. This data can be used to support the continued development of both player and coach from an educational and health perspective.

The Problem Beyond Pulse Faced

As an early-stage startup with no internal tech team, Beyond Pulse had a need for a development partner that could meet a challenging list of requirements - proven track record in idea-to-production product development, breadth and versatility in terms of skills, scalability in terms of team size, and agility in the face of highly dynamic startup world.

The Solution Ingsoftware Provided

Ingsoftware was initially contracted to develop an ios app for capturing heart rate and movement metrics from youth soccer players.

The partnership has quickly expanded to encompass the development of a comprehensive platform spanning many digital assets - from web apps for both coaches and players, through mobile app counterparts (Android and ios) to the educational platform for coaches. Simply put, Ingsoftware is the tech force behind the Beyond Pulse product.

Technology Used

Java Spring Boot Postgre sql Timescale db Docker aws Javascript Vue.js Android (Java) ios ( Swift ) Rx Realm

Team Roster

Red star icon 8 Developers
Red star icon 2 Web designers

‘’Our project with Ingsoftware is a great success. They are skilled professionals in both software engineering, great design and project management, providing us with timely and detailed information, while communicating clearly and effectively. Would definitely recommend them.’’
Beyond Pulse CEO

ceo @ Beyond Pulse

Auvere logo

Auvere creates sculptural and refined 22K and 24K gold jewelry for people who seek pieces that represent the beauty of gold. Co-founded by accessories designer Gina Love, and her partner Steven Feldman, Auvere celebrates the art of hand-crafted gold jewelry in its purest forms.

The Problem Auvere Faced

Auvere was just starting out. Gina, as the brand’s Chief Creative Officer, was working on the look, feel and voice of Auvere. She needed help with presenting her brand online, to raise awareness, promote and sell their products.

The Solution Ingsoftware Provided

Ingsoftware was there from the start. We designed, developed and launched an e-commerce store for Auvere and are continuously working on its improvement. Together with Gina as its CCO, we’ve designed a beautiful e-commerce experience for the shoppers. We are continuously working on the elevation of their creative advertising by supplying marketing collateral and optimizing their newsletter campaigns.

Technology Used

html5 css3 Javascript jQuery Stencil BigCommerce

Team Roster

Red star icon 2 Developers
Red star icon 2 Web designers

‘’ has worked with the Ingsoftware team for well over a year. Our experience can be summed up in one word: Awesome. This team is not only creative and incredibly responsive, but they have a “can do/will do” approach to projects - especially complex ones.They always figure things out.’’
Peryton CEO

ceo @ Auvere

FamiliPay logo

Familipay is envisioned as a comprehensive solution to solve shared parenting challenges - a digital toolset for conflict-free shared parenting. An online, cross-device solution that will alleviate the stress that lack of parental communication may cause to their children.

The Problem We Identified

We continue to see a large number of couples with children that separate or divorce in the first few years of marriage. This is especially true for the western world, where fewer parents of children are getting married. The crude marriage ratio for parents has fallen by almost 50% in both the EU and the US since 2000.

The divorce rate, on the other hand, continues at approximately 50% for all marriages. And we’re on a mission to resolve this.

The Solution We’re Building

We’re building Familipay with and for families.

We’ve already visualized some features such as parental calendar and reimbursement payment methods as these are the most common problems and topics shared by the parents. Our core team of software engineers and UX designers will be working closely with parents to develop and launch Familipay by the end of 2019 in the UK. And we are looking for additional investors to help post-launch efforts - primarily marketing distribution and mentorship to guide the US market penetration.

Technology Used

Vue.js Java Spring Postgresql Docker K8 aws

Team Roster

Red star icon 6 Developers
Red star icon 1 Web designer

‘’We are going to build this project in public. We encourage people to apply for our pre-alpha user test group and help us build FamiliPay.’’
Product Lead FamiliPay

Product Owner @ FamiliPay

Has-to-Be logo

be.Energised is the leading complete solution for the operation of e-charging infrastructure. The software takes over almost all tasks which involve the management of charging stations.

The problem Has-to-be faced

Has-to-be was in need of professional and experienced developers to help them develop and maintain their e-mobility platform. They had a major problem with sourcing developers in Radstadt and had deep concerns about working with remote teams.

The Solution Ingsoftware Provided

Ingsoftware provided a rigorous selection of senior developers to work remotely as a part of the be.Energised team to maintain and further develop their e-mobility platform following their company standards and procedures. They were able to work with multiple company branches other than the Development team, like Marketing Team, Support Team, Design Team.

Technology Used

php Ionic Python Angular js Wordpress Propel Fab Docker Docker Compose Mysql CodeIgniter php Unit Selenium

Team Roster

Red star icon 2 Developers
Profit Optics logo

ProfitOptics Inc was founded in 2008. in Richmond, va, usa, and has around 40 employees currently. They are transforming distribution companies’ data to value by analyzing data, providing pricing and margin solutions, presenting opportunities and developing solutions that deliver sustainable value.

The Problem ProfitOptics Faced

As ProfitOptics grew they were in high demand of a professional team which would be able to maintain, upgrade and build new solutions for the ever-growing number of their business partners, as well as build in-house core solutions for their future projects.

They needed an independent team of project managers, designers, and developers that who would be able to keep up with the ever-growing client demand.

The Solution Ingsoftware Provided

We re-designed, re-developed, configured and launched an updated version of the existing platform for distribution and sales - Margin Bridge. It covers the management of employees, products, prices, discounts, orders, reporting, invoicing, retail, etc.

In addition, we were engaged in R&D and developed advanced algorithms that helped customers to understand and optimize their sales margins and optimize their pricing. This enabled their clients to recover millions of dollars of valid, but previously unclaimed rebates.

Technology Used

c# asp .Net mvc Framework asp .Net Web api s Quarz .net nopCommerce Kendo ui Angularjs Redis t-sql Windows Server ms iis ms sql server

Team Roster

Red star icon 7 Developers
Red star icon 1 Web designer

‘’We engaged Ingsoftware team on a strategic project that was complex both in terms of data and interface requirements. We were very happy with their team’s collaboration and with the end results. Each team member possesses a high level of dedication and initiative, as well as, a wealth of specialized industry knowledge that has been directed towards providing exceptional service to our company. I greatly value their ability to quickly provide fully functional solutions with minimal supervision from our team. Ingsoftware offers highly professional development services, scalable teams and on-time deliverables at competitive prices.’’
ProfitOptics CEO

ceo @ Profit Optics

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