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< This is our life's work, our passion, and our legacy >

We are a software development company based in Nis, Serbia with representative offices in Princeton, New Jersey, US. Combination of development based in Serbia and presence on US and EU market for a long period of time allows us to provide a high quality of service at cost-efficient rates.

Our team consists of more than 60 people: programmers, designers and managers covering a wide range of expertise - some of our team members being in IT business for more than 20 years. We are working since 2009, providing services worldwide and working with more than 50 clients on 100+ projects with different level of complexity and from different areas of business.

What We Do?

We are specialized in delivering high-end custom built software and enterprise solutions for various businesses such as e-commerce, trading, customer and financial management systems. We aim to provide you with personalized service tailored to meet your specific needs. Our main advantages are wide area of IT expertise and high-quality, flexible and reliable development.



Birth year of a young team hungry for new challenges.


We are proud that we had a chance to work with many clients across the globe.


We’ve delivered hundreds of projects, small and big, on time to our clients.

Minimizing Risks

Quality Personnel, Quality Process and Quality Communication. Each project at INGSOFTWARE is under the constant command of a dedicated quality assurance team that monitors all project activities and results at each development phase to avoid any potential risks.

Experience and Expertise

Our senior manamagent team and development staff have 10+ years of experience in hundreds of projects in various domains. We have built a large knowledge base that enables us to deliver the right solutions to address clients’ needs.

Communication and Customer Involvement

It is vital to know how important clear communication is for the overall success of your outsourced project. To provide superior communication, we assign a dedicated Project Manager/Team Lead on every project. After all, we measure our success in terms of the success of our clients.

Transparent Processes

Gain an easy and transparent view on each phase of your solution development. Based on your project needs, our managers will provide daily and weekly status reports for you, share the necessary resources and communicate constantly in order for you to have clarity about what’s going on with your project.

World-class Talent at Attractive Rates

Our diverse human resource pool can answer your most complex project needs. We have business analysts, project managers, web architects, graphic designers, mobile developers, database specialists, quality assurance and test engineers.

Complete Problem Solving Solution

We take pride in handling complex projects and helping our clients define how to best utilize their product/application to answer its business objective. Throw everything you have at us, and our experts will make a solution which is sustainable, scalable and flexible to be altered as your business grows.



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