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How to Engage?

< Our core engagement models can be customized and mixed, in order to provide the best solution to your project needs >

fixed.scope and cost

  • Guaranteed fixed scope & cost for your project.
  • Application testing and quality assurance included.
  • Project management included.
  • 30-day warranty guarantee period once your project is delivered.

You can provide detailed technical specifications / project requirements.

* Ask us how we can assist you in developing these things.

Suitable for fixed budgets and strictly defined requirements


time.and materials

  • Avoid detailing technical specifications / project requirements
  • Mitigate risk of unmatched expectations
  • Respond quicker to project changes
  • Project management included

Suitable for large projects that may evolve during the course of development.

You can provide details for each task assigned to the programmer(s)

  • Full time dedicated programmers working on your projects.
  • Highest level of control and flexibility.
  • Fixed monthly cost per programmer.
  • Lowest cost engagement model.

Suitable for long term cooperation and extension of your in-house team.

You Can Provide:

- Details for each task assigned to the dedicated team(s).

- Project management.

Ask us how we can provide project management for you!

full time programmers illustration



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