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Conquering New Markets - Dublin B2B Meetup

JobFair 2017
‘’INGSOFTWARE participated in a cross-regional IT event, with the purpose of bringing together Irish, Northern Irish and Western Balkans IT SMEs to open a dialogue for business cooperation.’’

The key benefits for our company and all other participants are numerous, but to list some of them:

  1. networking and developing new business relationships
  2. exploring new business opportunities (B2B and B2G), including joint ventures, consortiums, joint product development, as well as possible cooperation on International Financial Institutions (IFI) projects
  3. internationalization, learning about new markets (each other’s, but also third markets) and export promotion and awareness
  4. and of course, the chance to enjoy amazing Irish hospitality and beer

Participants included around 60 IT SMEs and 10 IT associations/clusters from Ireland, Northern Ireland and the Western Balkans, as well as Irish and Northern Irish economic/trade development officials, IFI and IFI beneficiaries, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and the USAID Regional Economic Growth (REG) Program.

Event took place on Oct 05, 2016 in Dublin Chamber of Commerce which we would like to thank for bringing together so many participants and for hosting such an event

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