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We are developers Conference
‘’One of our teams had the pleasure of visiting the largest developers’ summit and playground in Europe.’’

WeAreDevelopers Conference was held in Vienna, Austria on May 11-12th, and it attracted more than 3.000 developers and IT experts from all around the world. Attendees had a chance to listen to world’s leading tech innovators such as Trello’s Joel Spolsky, Opera’s Hakon Wium Lie, Facebook’s Julien Decot, Goldman Sachs’s Preethi Kasireddy, Google’s George Fairbanks and many more.

The event was also an opportunity to learn from the experience of more than 300 tech companies and startups, and to connect with around 80 speakers from 50 different countries, IT geeks, innovators, enthusiasts and University Academics from Austria and the region.

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In addition to the Developer Championship Contest, always exciting VR/AR Zone and more than a few beer stands, our guys attended and recommend some of the following talks: The Early Days of Id Software: Programming Principles by John Romero, Developers Are Writing the Script for the Future by Joel Spolsky, Java Reactive Programming for Large Scale: How We Process 1 Billion Requests/Hour by Alexandru Oprescu, Javascript@Uber by Dustin Whittle, Angular: Google’s Popular Application Framework by Manfred Steyer and many more. Needless to say - they came back very impressed, inspired, filled with new ideas, information and knowledge.

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Organization of this trip was one more learning opportunity for our team - in addition to having an office environment where we love to learn from each other, we always try to provide our people with useful, innovative and fun ways to invest in and develop their knowledge, proficiency, skill and experience.

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