Farm@ - And Now For Something Completely Different

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We proudly announce that one of our products is at the end of the first phase of development and is now fully functional and ready for use and commercialization. Farm@ - a revolutionary system for cow farm management is successfully finalized. Together with our partners, we put a lot of efforts, innovation, knowledge and skills, to develop the software, so it will be an enormous pleasure to see how Farm@ works and help people to take out the best of their production possibilities.

With this sophisticated system you can take care of your farm in the best possible way:

  • have insight in each of your cattle through ANIMAL ID (general information, genealogy, physical characteristics, lactation stages, medical records...),

  • take control of microclimate conditions in your stables (temperature, humidity, CO2, ammonia-NH3, brightness and noise),

  • define nutrition balance by implementing the proper plan,

  • perform analysis and quality check for your farm milk in any given moment,

  • find clear and precise information for every knowledge area included in the system.

And last but not least - you can use it on your computer, tablet or smart phone with equal comfort.

Does your farm need help in increasing productivity, efficiency and profit?

Check it out!!! -

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