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BeyondPulse our startup partner
‘’Beyond Pulse is one of our startup clients, whom we have helped with application development from the very start. It is the ultimate soccer coaching diagnostic tool.’’

One of the services INGSOFTWARE provides is consulting and development for startups. We have worked with several such clients, helped them develop their idea into a product and maintained successful business and communication to day. One cool aspect of working with startups and developing applications for them is that you’re working on a greenfield project - you are designing and building something from scratch and have a chance to utilise some of the new and hip technologies.

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Beyond Pulse is one of our startup clients, whom we have helped with application development from the very start. It is the ultimate soccer coaching diagnostic tool that improves training, helps coaches know their players better and how to approach the game better. The idea behind the project is for teams to create a half-step advantage, collectively improving all levels of youth soccer.

What is Beyond Pulse, really? It is a combination of hardware used to measure players’ speed, heart rate, active participation and distance covered simultaneously, and software collecting that data, analysing it and creating analytics for the coach. Using this system, the coach can have insight into training data per player or per team and gains the possibility of tracking players’ health, statistics and game flow.

Now, in the era of fitness gadgets, why is this system cool and special some might ask? Well, the idea was developed by professional soccer coaches and players, for use by players and coaches. It is designed to fit soccer needs in any way, without taking the time of the training itself. Here you can see the product in action, and for more info you can check their Facebook page or their website.

We helped develop their product using cutting edge technologies like Spring Boot for the API that communicates with Timescale DB which handles the huge volume of time-series data our system produces. For trainings and data collection we provided them with Swift-based iOS mobile application, and for coach dashboard we have provided them with web application that consumes our API and is created in Angular. Because of the client’s needs, we needed to be able to deploy changes fast and raise productivity, so we decided to use GitLab CI with Docker and Rancher, so any change can be deployed in a matter of few clicks. Our team was in charge of everything from collecting requirements, system architecture setup, application design and development, Q&A and project management.

We wish them great success and will continue our collaboration with them until their product is exactly what they imagined.

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