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Insight in INGsters’ week

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‘’An average INGster starts his/her week easy. Get to know how we work hard, play hard and learn hard along the way.’’

Once you become a part of INGSOFTWARE, we tend to change your weekly habits by spoiling you. Our company was founded by two developers, friends and colleagues, who wanted to create a great environment for themselves to work at. They surrounded themselves with great people to make work a pleasure and built an awesome company culture that stuck around today. As we grew, we had additions and adaptations based on our developers’ needs and now we could say that we have great work week to brag about.

An average INGster starts his/her week easy. Every Monday at 12PM we organize Tech Talk where we can learn about the topics of our own choosing and discuss our experiences. This is an internal event, discussions are adjusted to our knowledge levels on the topic and you can hear a lot of useful information and keep researching if interested.

Wednesdays are reserved for the fun stuff - Merry Wednesday is a weekly event at ING when we get treats - fruit, candy, juices, beer and a break of 1.5 hours. Whether we stay in and play board games, brush up on our ping-pong skills, go to a restaurant to grab some lunch or just sit in our backyard and joke around - we make the most of the time.

The evenings are reserved for sports - the company pays for sport activities for the people who want to stay fit 🙂. Sometimes it’s basketball and sometimes we play football, either way - at ING we believe that team that plays together, stays together, so we tend to play as much as we can.

Thursday (or any other day - it’s up to us) might be a day to use research hours. We all get two hours weekly during working hours to research a subject related to IT of our choosing. You can develop and advance your skills, individually or with your team, without having to worry how much it will take of your free time - we truly believe in growth so we make it a priority to allow our teammates to investigate and learn.

If you’re more of a techy-conference kind of person and you find an event you would die to go to, we’ve got you covered - ticket, expenses and all - that’s how serious we are in providing INGsters with the best opportunities to grow.

All this hard work calls for some relaxation - we’ve got your back 🙂 so we provide free massage once a month for every employee. Then there’s a movie night - we pick a movie and the company makes sure we get the best seats. Sometimes we go and grab a beer afterwards, sometimes popcorns do the trick, but it’s still a great occasion for bonding with our colleagues.

Once a year we decide to make “having a great time” an official event and then we organize a team building - with paintball, quad riding, archery, bowling, these are our days of fun, teamwork, playing games, enjoying the nature and bonding.

Last, but not the least, every 6 months we evaluate each other. It’s a great chance to improve your skill set, to give us your own view of the company, to ask for our improvement, to check in with us and see if your career is going the way you want it- so we can work together towards our mutual and individual goals. Because, that IS what teams are about.

Want to become a part of this environment? Check our careers page.

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