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The time flew in the blink of an eye and here we are - eight years in IT industry, with our family grown to more than 50 people, doing business with clients worldwide, making sure that our workplace is an enjoyable one with colleagues and friend ready to help with anything you might need.

We celebrated our birthday cherishing the qualities that make us who we are, in casual and festive atmosphere with great DJ, delicious food and drinks to spice up. The only threat was an open swimming pool, but fortunately everyone was dry and well at the end of the evening ☺

The anniversary was also an occasion to express a special gratitude to our employees who have been devoted to our company for five or more years. We surprised them with the gifts pointed at their hobbies and things they love to do during a leisure. Furthermore, they received custom designed diplomas with their caricature sketches. Happy to have all of you there!

We're certain about being even more reliable, professional and innovative in the future and are looking forward to the new business and personal challenges and further growth and strengthening.

Two more years to the milestone.

Here we come!

NGSOFTWARE turns 8 image